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BonAnnZa Days4-6 148I am going to just have to get used to the fact that this trip isn’t going to go how I expected… not that I had any expectations, but the trip I imagined certainly didn’t involve dead batteries and camper problems right out of the shoot. Idaho was kind of overshadowed by troubles, which is unfair to Idaho, because it was beautiful. We had a wonderful guide, My friend Matt who I actually found a few years ago at a rest stop in Montana. I agreed to give him a ride to the Black Hills and here we were two years later, staying at his house. Matt showed us around Twin Falls which had lovely surprise places around every corner. He took us to Shoshone Falls and we went swimming in the twilight. The next day it was off to Alturas Lake way, way, way up in the Sawtooths. We got a late start but found enough time to dip our toes in the glacial lake before heading back to camp for dinner.

The camper problems started the moment we landed in twin falls and I think, as I am typing this 3 days and 600 miles later, I MAY have gotten a handle on the situation. The culprit, (I hope) was a super dead battery.

I will confess that I did have a mild breakdown in the lovely town of Stanley Idaho, among the Saw Tooth Mountains. I got an iced latte and cried over it while I rambled the troubles to Aaron over the phone. He talked me through it all though, and convinced me that it was going to be all right. Our route home took us on a beautiful scenic highway that eventually dumped out in Boise. On one of the countless passes a song came on by Willie Nelson. I’d heard it before but about half way through I started it over and then when it was done, I listened to it again.¬†Funny how sometimes, all you need to get going again is some sweet words, a good tune, and to get the hell out of Idaho.

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