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Northern Lights 234The concept of New Years is somewhat lost on me. This idea that we are closing last year’s book and starting another. How am I supposed to end the book, when I’m smack dab in the middle of a story? I’d rather think of the end of the year event as more of a chance for analysis and review; a mile marker, a milestone, a checkpoint. A time when we look back and say, “Okay self, all that stuff that’s been going down, are we cool with that?  …Or should we make some adjustments to assure our future travels more smoothly.” I’m guessing if you’re spending any time asking yourself those questions you’re probably finding a few places to tweak. I’ve decided this year not to close any books or end any chapters, I intend instead to evaluate where the year took me, set intentions for tomorrow and continue to ride this tale for all its worth. I’ve got countless more adventures, many more things to see and I’m looking forward to tackling the future with grace, and open heart and my wings stretched as far as they can reach. I hope you’ll join me.

So here’s to all our stories; yours and mine.
Here’s to our wide open future – who’s course has set by our pasts.
And here is to right now and loving to live in every moment, because it is beautiful.
Cheer’s my friends!
And Happy New Year


Here’s a handful of my selected favorite shots from 2015

photocrati gallery

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