Everything is connected….

When I’m out there, observing nature, I can’t help but feel that the appearance of everything being separate is just an illusion. I can feel it all being one thing; a connection. Leaf to tree – tree to root – root to ground – ground to grass – grass to toes – toes to mind body and soul; Everything is connected to everything else. When the the world is viewed as an extension of yourself, it becomes much more personal. It gets both bigger and smaller at the same time. All of a sudden you stretch out and become everything, and everything that exists fits inside of you.  It sounds like a spiritual idea, perhaps, but the more I sink into it, the more I grow to understand that it is as much a lesson in science, nature and geometry – it is a lesson in being… whole, complete, connected.

This series is my attempt to illustrate that connection; tree to feather – forest to fur, environment becomes our clothes and we become everything around us. Each piece is composed of several different images I have captured with my camera over the course of several years. I am exploring these different connections and taking great delight in how various parts and pieces of nature relate to one another.