……And then the day kissed me

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Weather in the Black Hills can turn on a dime. Last week my friends and I strolled around Spearfish Canyon and meandered up to Devils Bathtub. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and Spring was springing. Exactly one week and one day later I returned to a much different scene. The trees were painted white and giant snowflakes fell clumsily from the sky. At one point I found myself on the rim above the Canyon. I sat down to take in the view and before I knew it my eyes were closed and I took in several deep breaths. The air was cold as it filled my lungs and I got lost on the moment, the darkness, the calm. Gently the snowflakes fell and landed across my cheeks, on the tips of my nose and on my forehead. As they touched down they stung slightly and then melted. Each sensation lasted less than a second. When I opened my eyes again the world seemed brighter, bigger, more beautiful and I knew I belonged right there, where I was, so the day could kiss me.

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