Ode to Bison

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Its no secret that I love these magnificent animals. When I heard the news that Congress had passed the the National Bison Legacy Act (To adopt the bison as the national mammal of the United States), I couldn’t resist the urge to scour through and find some of my favorite shots from my various encounters with these incredible animals.

There is no shortage of beautiful bison photos out there. We all have them. A few of us have incredible stories from our various encounters with them. Hell, at least six pop to my head at the mere thought of Buffalo. But that is because there is an undeniable fact that they are powerful animals. A point made over and over anytime you enter public lands where they roam free. We all know it now by heart, “BUFFALO ARE DANGEROUS, DO NOT APPROACH. ” I always took offence to the word “dangerous” they aren’t dangerous, they just wont put up with any bullshit. If you present them with bullshit, they will probably forcefully suggest you get rid of it. That’s how I see it anyway. They are animals that have earned the right to be respected. Animals we have treated so disgracefully in the past we owe it to them to honor them.

The great bull who stands alone on the wind swept plains, he doesn’t remember or care what horrors the settlers inflicted on his species a hundred years ago. He doesn’t have to, its none of his business. His job is to eat, and to sleep. His job is to maybe someday make some baby buffalo and probably to roll around in some dust later. The buffalo’s life is a simple life, he doesn’t care about labels or honors. When the President signs off on the act, nothing will change for that old bull and maybe that is why I love them so much.

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