Now, where did we put that waterfall?

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For reasons I cant begin to fathom, I have this ability to conjure up wild ideas, suggest them and then convince seemingly sane people to go along with me. A few weeks ago I spotted something from Palmer Creek Road, what I saw appeared to be a very large very frozen cascade of ice secured to the side of some granite off the base of Harney Peak. It intrigued me so much I Persuaded a few of my favorite people to join me on a quest to find it.

Our very well educated, very capable crew set out on a lovely pre-spring morning with nearly as many dogs as we had humans. We stuck to the trail for the most part, even taking a famous left when we should have gone right; an error led an unfortunate distance in the wrong direction. After confirming we were headed the wrong way, we decided to go rouge and bushwhack our way back on track. What we we found instead of our intended treasure was a tangled mess of thousands of down beetle kill trees. Our journey had switched from peaceful hike to full on obstacle course. It was as hilarious as it was grueling. No one escaped with out numerous bumps, bruises and falls.

We never did make it to our intended destination but the trip was nothing short of memorable.

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