Moonrise Melody

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Last night, Tuesday and I took off after work to chase the moon. We landed in the Badlands. We found La Luna and throughout the evening it proved to be a noble and friendly companion as rose with conviction peaking out between dusty mullien stocks and tired-day-end clouds.

It was really the sounds that stole the show, though. Song birds, chorus frogs and the whisper of the soft winds played a perpetual melody. We were serenaded by the symphony of the springtime-prairie. The sage grouse danced their funny dances and the meadowlarks perched perfectly and sang to whoever was listening. At one point I watched several male bluebirds bop about as they took turns trying swoon a particularly lovely and desirable female… she seemed interested but not yet wooed.

There’s so much that can be seen out there.  My experience was so small, so minor, so trivial to what went on in the world yesterday, yet to me, there, in the moment,
… it was all there was.

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