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  1. Wow! Rick Myer came into my booth at the Olympia Farmers Market were I sell my photography. He told me about you, a lot of people tell me about someone they know but WOW! You have stunning photographs! I always think I’m pretty good at what I do and then someone like you comes along and I am humbled! I was hooked with your photo’s but your words reeled me in further! If you would like to impart any words of wisdom about how to sell I’d love it. I see you are on all the internet sites. How do you do it! When I’m in full swing at the market I don’t have time for any of the medias. My sites are: retail – and for business/advertising – (search Linda Schwerzler) Thanks Linda

    1. So wonderful of you to write, and I will write back more adiquatly soon. We are on the road right now and its hard to get a moment to do anything! Hoping for a calm soon. 🙂

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