Earth Day

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Here we all are, spinning around the vast empty darkness of space on this giant blue ball. There are few things that every single living thing (to our knowledge) has in common; the fact that we ALL call this place home is one of them. The chances of our existence is so minute, so improbable that to call ourselves “lucky” would be a gross understatement. Not only do we get to exist, but we get to exist here… on EARTH, where every single day, an infinite number of insanely beautiful things happen.

I’ve taken 36 laps around the sun on this planet. (A drop in the hat when compared to how many it has taken without me.) I’ve considered it a responsibility to enjoy as much as this Earth wants to show me. I’ve collected, for you, some of my favorite moments and hope you will celebrate today with me, as it is Earth Day after all.


PS: Happy Birthday Mom!


photocrati gallery


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