4th of July, What a Blast!

[photospace] Here’s a collection of shots I captured over the 4th of July weekend. You cant ask for better light that what hit the BBQ-blow-um up party at the Linn’s house on July 2nd. I dont know who the girl with the giant bubble is, but she made for an incredible photo.

Photo What?

When I was 10 my dad got this really cool program for his computer. I think it was called Photoshop. He showed me how to use a couple of the tools, I remember specifically the “smudgy finger tool” was of particular interest. I played with it for a while and made (drew) a picture of a candle. I remember thinking the program was incredibly cool but didn’t know at the time how much of my future I would spend using it. 18 years have passed since that fateful day in Ohio, and I have grown with each upgrade of Adobe. I was there when they gave layers, history, clipping masks, filters, and vectors. Heck, I even remember the “big electric … Read More

So its 7:31..

… even though my computer says its 7:31 in the morning. (I’m still getting used to Vista) I’m sitting here alone at work enjoying the silence and this song Johnny Cash is singing to me. I recently re-discovered Pandora, and subsequently am rediscovering lots of great stuff i once knew about but have since forgotten. Why am I here so late? All alone? Well, the answer is quite simple, I’m setting up the Asio Studio blog. That’s right! after all the preaching we’ve been doing to our clients about getting 2.0 (3.0 and beyond) we are finally going to swallow our own medicine… and what a large pill it is too. So stay tuned, Follow us on Twitter, and keep … Read More