Check it out, Here’s a selection from my first batch of buttons. Each one is designed by your’s truly they are also 1 inch in diameter… so keep in mind they are tiny. But the more buttons you buy now, the sooner I can get my hands on a bigger button maker! 

To order,
  1. Simply click on the image above to load the shopping cart. (If you are on a mobil device you may need to click the little up arrow on the bottom of the screen to load the cart options) .
  2. Order your preferred quantity and complete your transaction using paypal
  3. You will receive an email from PayPal confirming your order. You can respond at that time, to that email (or just email me directly and use this chart to specify which buttons you’d like.

I think we can get through this together, because I really think you should have some of these buttons.

Alright, here goes, good luck, holler if you have any questions!